"Nothing ever becomes real,
'till it is experienced"

John Keats

The future is here

Our world keeps evolving and changing, our reality as we know it, our business and personal relationships, the way we meet, work, study, the way we collect experiences, the type of media and entertainment, everything is dynamic and rapidly changing.

Do you remember the world before the pandemic? And before social networks? How about before the internet burst into our lives or before we had mobile phones?

We are moving toward another exciting technological revolution, the Metaverse, a virtual universe parallel to ours, expanding ours.

Technology is constantly evolving, and new terms are born (AR, VR, MR, XR). New uses and possibilities are created and fit into our dynamic world.

Today, Virtual reality technology already helps us improve our learning skills, create a safe environment, emotional experiences, allow telepresence and save valuable resources.

We know to harness the technology optimally while using the most relevant and top-quality tools, top-of-the-line gear, and highly skilled professionals with unique skills.

Our customers enjoy all the benefits this technology can offer, whether it’s an innovative start-up or traditional industries that charge new relevant spirit to the organization by implementing the technology.

You are welcome to join the ride; contact us today and experience it for yourself


VR Departments

Live VR

We’ll use VR filming with real-time stitching, OTT video broadcasting, and streaming directly to the headset to reach the front of technology.

The outcome - Telepresence, the ability to be present someplace else when an event occurs, may it be a sports event, a wedding, a live concert, a venue, or just be present at a university course, all that without leaving your home.

This ability became even more relevant as the world is learning to adjust to the reality of social distancing and remote working, traveling becomes less common and events are becoming more complex. We harness the technology to evolve and nurture new possibilities.


We want to let you experience it yourself

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